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Skye – Friday 20th March

Gardens at Armadale Castle

Armadale Castle & Museum Gardens

A nature trail and the museum castle and gardens make a pleasant route back towards Armadale Pier, avoiding the main road. The hub of activity in Armadale is the garage.  A deceptively small building next to it houses the post office, farm shop, butchers and café – all set out along what feels like a wide corridor. I’m delighted to be breakfasting on good coffee and banana cake.

Rum on the horizon

The road to the Point of Sleat

Heading south, and hugging the stunning coastline, 4 kms of minor road terminate in a small car park and a rough track. I imagine that the track is suitable only for quad bikes or 4×4 off-roaders but there are several houses scattered around the point, some new-build. I bet Tesco doesn’t deliver.

My overnight accommodation, near Point of SleatThere are no signs of life in any of the houses, and I seem to have the point, the cove and the beach to myself.  This is my dream camping location: to lie in my bag listening to the rush of the sea. (taking care to pitch above the tide-line of course, otherwise it won’t just be the sea rushing). As if to welcome me, a seal bobs his head above the water and has a good look round.  I splashed out on a pair of pocket-sized binoculars in Fort William and am now enjoying watching the seal watching me while my tea brews.

Just above the tide line



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