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Barcelona on the Cheap – Day 5

SAM_0876¡Que frío! That’s all I hear as people greet each other, shivering. Everyone’s wearing scarves up to their eyeballs, and fur coats which are seeing their first daylight for decades. TV footage is dominated by vehicles abandoned in snowdrifts and delighted children sledging in bin bags. May I quickly remind you that I’m in Barcelona, not Vienna.

The main disadvantage of such coldness (and damp, in the city, rather than snowy), is that I can’t sit awhile to admire anything as its necessary to keep walking to stay warm. I must have covered 13 miles today and one ankle is complaining bitterly.

My handwritten blog, which I’m now posting, fails to tell me where I went on Day 5, only that I was very cold and wet and walked a long way. I suspect it was a day of aimless wandering whilst scouting for the next bar that looked deep enough to have a seat well away from the door.



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This entry was posted on February 15, 2015 by in Walking, Writing.
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