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Great Glen Way – Friday 9th Jan


A scene of devastation in the forest

Good decision made yesterday to continue to the hostel! I wonder how the lone camper at the side of the loch fared. Today, fallen trees blocked my route every quarter mile or so. Access to a nearby hotel with self-catering cottages was also completely blocked – anyone staying there may as well linger over their breakfast – and the air buzzed with distant chain-saws.

I should never have given birth to the idea of a hot coffee at Invermoriston this morning.  Neither pub nor café had power and were both shut.

Today I resolved to make a firm decision by 3 pm as to whether I was going to hostel or camp, knowing that darkness would soon follow. The previous night’s storm was not forecast to return to I picked out a spot on the forest track which was not in the falling path of any tall trees – many of those left standing looked unstable. Complete darkness, in an already gloomy forest, came at 4.30 pm. I made my supper and then spent 14 hours in my sleeping bag! So glad I brought my Kindle this time, but I had to keep switching from one side to the other so that my hands could take turns poking out of the bag.

Just before dawn (almost 9 am though) an unearthly screech had me fumbling with all the zips. A group of red deer were ambling along the trail. One lowered its head and made another snoring/screaming noise before they disappeared into the trees.



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