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Rash January Adventure

Am I over confident about my Western Mountaineering sleeping bag? Just as a reminder, I am female, short, and nearly 63 years old. I am about to take the train to Inverness on Tuesday January 6th. The plan is to back-pack and camp the Great Glen Way (Inverness to Fort William with the odd hostel stop when my hair needs washing). This should take about six days. Then, I thought, I could take that lovely train journey to Mallaig, stay at the backpackers hostel and the next day take the ferry to Skye. After that my plan is a bit vague. I could bus and/or walk the length of Skye to Uig and take the ferry to Harris. Harris and Lewis are two young men of the Outer Hebrides. Oh how I would love to come home and say I had walked the Great Glen and carried on to the Outer Hebrides. Memories of last May when I was able to say nonchalantly (well it was nonchalant in my mind) that I had walked the West Highland Way and climbed Ben Nevis.

I am aware of friends’ reactions: Camping? January? January in Scotland? Camping In Scotland in January? ON YOUR OWN? Yeah, these are my own reactions too. I can’t say I am 100% confident about this next trek but HERE GOES …..


One comment on “Rash January Adventure

  1. milligan308
    January 5, 2015

    Go prepared, plan for a hasty exit. Best wishes.

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