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Pennine Way – Sep 18 – Day 8

This must be Hawes! The creamery.

This was a Slogging Day. I’ve never liked hard surface tracks on long distance walks, and the section between Horton and Hawes was just that. WIth a mist blanking out anything of interest, this rather sinister sheep’s skull attached to the fence was something of a highlight.


Following such easy tracks, there wasn’t even the fun of getting lost. I ran out of conversation with myself and began to read the signs on the gates, although they were always the same. ‘Shut the gate’ is generally more popular than ‘Close the gate’, and 73% of gates are polite enough to say ‘Please’.

The gravel on the track was white and dusty so very soon my boots and trouser bottoms were also white and dusty. Left boot hole enlarged as I walked, collecting ever bigger stones. I was planning a rest day at Hawes anyway, but now top priority would be to get re-shod.

Later: Hare and tortoise meet up again, both booked into the hostel, so we had a pint or two at the Crown while waiting for the hostel reception to open. (Second session for hare).

Much later: Hawes chippie as good as ever!


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