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Pennine Way – Sep 12 – Day 2

Approaching Netherley near StandedgeFirst view of Netherley, near Standedge.

I was more tired today, shoulder ache mainly, so glad that the hike to Standedge was shortish.  Having followed the PW before from Wessenden Reservoir, I opted this time for the Kirklees Way, for an easy picturesque route into Netherley so as to approach the Carriage House (pub and campsite) from the other side. This wasn’t quite the easy option I had hoped for as it ended with a mile of steep uphill road. Marsden Golf Course is on either side of the road.  As I plodded uphill, shoulders aching, feet throbbing, hips hipping etc, a voice called

“Excuse me, would you mind picking up that golf ball for me?” The said ball lay on the verge on my side of the road and the voice hailed from behind a low wall on the other side.  I assumed they were unable to get over the wall, so picked it up, feeling the weight of my pack threatening to prostrate me as I bent down.  I crossed the road with the ball.

“Could you just pop it over that gate?” he said.

The lazy sod only had to open the gate and cross the road!

Carriage House campsite is dangerously close to the pub!  It’s a bit no frills, service-wise, but very friendly and I had a good time, plus a good meal there. I thought £8.95 for breakfast was a bit steep but booked it anyway, knowing that some extra toast would do me a sausage butty for lunch.


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