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Pennine Way – Sep 11 – Day 1

It goes on and on!On my way to the Emerald City.

I had completed the Edale-Crowden section about 4 years previously, in thick mist, and remembered very little of its scenery so the grandeur of Kinder Downfall in sunshine was an unexpected highlight today.  I did, however remember the flagstone path that zigzagged forever into the distance and offered nowhere to sit down – a never-ending yellow brick road that would have worn Dorothy’s shoes down to their insoles. In fact I was so keen to reach a landmark, that the humble A57 (Snake Pass) became my Emerald City. Hard to get excited about six parked cars once I was there though, and still nowhere to sit down. Devil’s Dyke was also familiar to me – a drainage ditch that has jumped-up ideas about being a path.

Midges at Torside Reservoir and Crowden campsite rivalled any found in Scotland. It was dark when I arrived so my head torch made a handy beacon – squadrons of them buzzed into my scalp while I had both hands busy on poles and pegs.


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