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West Highland Way, May 20th


The access route to Ben Nevis is just outside the door of the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel, and with today’s forecast showing a good chance of clear views, I can’t think of any decent excuses for not climbing the thing.

Sabine and I both set off at 5 am using slightly different routes and we meet up again, by chance, about an hour from the summit. This is the highest I have ever been on foot. We scale it together, using our poles like ski sticks to ascend the final snow field. Clouds come and go.

“White-out!” calls Sabine happily. We have the summit to ourselves and pretend to be explorers.

“So glad we ate all the dogs,” she says.

“Me too. Shame about that puppy … but it was nice and tender.”

So there we have it. Walked 94 miles of West Highland Way and then climbed Ben Nevis.  Cool … or what?

Must go now. The free coffee refills at Wetherspoons finish at 2 pm.



One comment on “West Highland Way, May 20th

  1. Sabine
    July 9, 2014

    Cooler than cool!!
    It was such an amazing day, thank you for being there.^^

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