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Day 6 A Bed at Last!


SAM_0340Ten out of ten for the public toilet at the end of Laxey Harbour.  It’s early  Sunday morning but the convenience is open, clean, dry, has plenty of loo roll, bolts that work, hand basins, soap, dryer.    The harbour area of Laxey is another fifties setting. In addition to seaside benches, you can enjoy your flask and sandwiches in  a large public shelter where proper tables and chairs are set out with plastic chequered tablecloths.

Above the harbour, on the headland road, the daffodils are out in such profusion, I can smell them from several yards away.

In my next cove-crossing, no one mentioned that the path is only accessible at low tide, and this is not low tide. There is a beautifully preserved boathouse here with a parapet that enables me to perform a kind of James Bond feat , inching along it to  reach a section where the water is shallow enough for boulder hopping (with the help of my poles).

Today I reach Douglas where accommodation is at last procured. I’ve booked two nights at the Edelweiss Hotel (£35 per night) so have tomorrow free to be a rucksackless tourist. This means I can book my ferry ticket more than 24 hours in advance to get the Footloose Fare deal, and take advantage of the fact that the Liverpool service begins on Tuesday 1st April (much easier for me to get home from Liverpool – there’s only one train a day to Heysham Port).

The steam train service from Douglas to Port Erin started today so that will do do nicely for my day out tomorrow.

Indian restaurant slogan I’ve just seen:  you’ve tried the cowboys, now try the Indians!



I’ve only just found out that the clocks went back yesterday night so I’ve been an hour out all day.


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