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Trekking in Skirts

During a walking trip to Kettlewell, I spotted a youngish woman (okay, it’s relative – I’m 61) wearing a “walking skirt”. It was just like the trousers: quick dry material, lots of pockets. Immediately I wanted to find somewhere that sold skirts like that.

Think of the advantages:

1)    Al fresco urination. Must be heaps easier in a skirt. The most embarrassing bit of peeing outdoors is when you’re standing up trying to pull up your knickers, zip up your trousers, button up and belt up. It takes longer than the function itself.  A quick hoik up of knickers under a skirt is a doddle.

2)  No long gaiters. Only your bare legs will get muddy. Dedicated wearers of shorts have already discovered this of course. I would still wear “shorty” gaiters around the ankles – it’s not the puddles that get your feet wet, it’s long wet grass that saturates from the top downwards.

3) Much quicker to wash and dry than trousers. On long distance trails, just take a baselayer pair of leggings and a long lightweight shirt to go with your skirt. If you get an overnight stop where you can wash and dry, the shirt and leggings will be an outfit while you wash the skirt (and vice versa).

4) Less sweat between your legs.


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This entry was posted on September 26, 2013 by in Walking.
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