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Pennine Way Final Leg – one day to go

ALL PACKED!  With the tent, bivouac bag, sleeping bag, liners and essential spare clothes inside, a lot of stuff has been forced to dangle on the outside, but I managed to fit in six days of food (not gourmet – instant porridge, instant pasta, instant cous-cous,  and lots of snack bars).

Weigh in: 21 lbs.As part of my preparation for this year, I even shed 15 lbs of my own weight.  Last year’s ‘middle leg’, Malham to Dufton, was an equipment success apart from being very cold every night, so a few weeks ago I went for a practice camp to see if using a mat and two liners would help. I still woke up cold in the small hours and had to make a cup-a-soup but the temperature had dropped below zero. Forecast for Monday takes it down to 4C.

Hope there won’t be any stop and search police lurking around on the Pennine Way who may not believe that the brown/white powder in a clear plastic bag is actually the contents of 12 sachets of Nescafe instant cappuccino. Likewise the porridge, emptied into one bag from Oats-o-Simple cartons.

Instant Porridge


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