walking and writing

Trails and trials of the writer who walks

The Twitchers of Fair Isle

Well it wasn’t on my bucket list (although a bucket would have been handy) but I have had a completely new experience: I was seasick.  The Good Shepherd IV, taking me … Continue reading

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Over the Hill (to St Ninian’s)

Although the hills of Shetland are not all that high, very little vegetation survives the relentless salty gales that sweep over them. Island communities pepper the lower, greener tracts with their pastel-painted  … Continue reading

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In Charge of a Bus at Lerwick

                    I disembark in Lerwick at 8 am feeling somewhat groggy from a poor sleep and lack of coffee.  My mood … Continue reading

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Off to Shetland!

  As a child, I was brought up in  Devon, which is almost as south as you can get in Britain. The north was a foreign land to me, a place where … Continue reading

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The Fife Coastal Path – Episode 4

At last some magic!  Between the industrial towns of Kirkcaldy and Buckhaven lie several kilometres of peaceful beach and the wildlife that Scottish coasts are famed for. Craggy rocks break … Continue reading

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Fife Coastal Path – Episode 3

As the Fife Coastal Path approaches Kirkcaldy, my impression of Marbella (or Miami) minus the palm trees vanishes. Here we have a derelict industrial estate, a burned-out car and a … Continue reading

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The Fife Coastal Path – Episode 2

My first afternoon of walking skirts an area of affluence: houses with verandahs and balconies overlooking manicured parks and private sea views. I imagine they will be unamused if a … Continue reading

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